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Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship

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Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship

The Role of Resources and Capabilities

Pramodita Sharma , Philipp Sieger , Robert S. Nason , Ana Cristina Gonzalez , Kavil Ramachandran

Edited by Pramodita Sharma, Sanders Professor for Family Business, University of Vermont and Global Director, STEP Project, Babson College, US, Philipp Sieger, Assistant Professor of Family Business, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Robert S. Nason, PhD candidate in Entrepreneurship, Syracuse University, US, Ana Cristina González, Professor, School of Administrative and Economic Sciences, Universidad ICESI, Colombia and Kavil Ramachandran, Thomas Schmidheiny Chair Professor of Family Business and Wealth Management, Indian School of Business, India

2013 232 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 361 9
ebook isbn 978 1 78100 362 6

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Series: The Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices series

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‘This book represents a breakthrough in our knowledge of family businesses. You will read some fascinating stories in this book. But it is more than a collection of stories. The authors show you how you can learn from the stories others tell, and the lessons are both positive and negative. Here we are introduced to real family businesses, addressing real problems, both regarding the future of the firm and the relationships among family members. The authors of these chapters show us how theories can be practically applied in understanding and managing the family enterprise.’
– Frank Hoy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US

Contributors: K. Au, N. Auletta, W. Balunywa, J.C.Y. Cheng, M.-G. Chirita, L. Cisneros, E. Clinton, B. Deschamps, R.-L. DeWitt, A. Gimeno, G. González C., A.C. González L., F.H.C. Ho, P. Monteferrante, S. Nagujja, R.S. Nason, D.N. Ntamu, L.E. Orozco C., M.J. Parada, K. Ramachandran, A. Rodriguez, P. Rosa, P. Sharma, P. Sieger

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Transgenerational entrepreneurship, as a discipline, examines the processes, resources and capabilities that allow family enterprises to create social and economic value over time in order to succeed beyond the first generation of business owners. While tangible resources such as financial and physical capital are certainly important factors in the long-term success of a family-run business, this book focuses specifically on the role of intangible resources and capabilities, which are less easily quantifiable but equally vital.

Drawing insights from in-depth longitudinal studies of twenty-six family firms in twelve countries, the contributors discuss the critical role of intangible assets such as values, virtues, tacit knowledge and learning, professionalization, internal and external social networks, and reputation. Each chapter includes both a case study that serves as a practical illustration of a particular topic as well as a discussion of the theoretical perspectives and broader implications. Featuring both contributors and case studies from across the world, this volume provides a truly global approach to the study of transgenerational entrepreneurship.

Professors and students of business and management, entrepreneurship and family business studies will find this book a fascinating addition to their libraries, as will family business owners, consultants and researchers.

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1. Introduction: Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship: The Role of Intangible Resources
Robert S. Nason, Ana Cristina González L. and Pramodita Sharma

2. Family Firms and Entrepreneurial Families as Breeding Grounds for Virtues
Luz Elena Orozco C. and Gustavo González C.

3. Professionalization of the Family Business: Decision-making Domains
Alberto Gimeno and Maria José Parada

4. Transgenerational Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Learning: A Case Study of Associated Engineers Ltd in Hong Kong
Jeremy C.Y. Cheng, Florence H.C. Ho and Kevin Au

5. Successful Family Business Ownership Transitions: Leveraging Tacit Knowledge
Rocki-Lee DeWitt and Ana Cristina González L.

6. The Role of Social Capital in Succession from Controlling Owners to Sibling Teams
Luis Cisneros, Mircea-Gabriel Chirita and Bérangère Deschamps

7. Opportunities and Dilemmas of Social Capital: Insights from Uganda
Waswa Balunywa, Peter Rosa, Diana Nandagire Ntamu and Shakilah Nagujja

8. Bridging for Resilience: The Role of Family Business Social Capital in Coping with Hostile Environments
Aramis Rodriguez, Nunzia Auletta and Patricia Monteferrante

9. Reputation for What? Different Types of Reputation and their Effect on Portfolio Entrepreneurship Activities
Eric Clinton, Robert S. Nason and Philipp Sieger

10. Conclusion: Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship: Implications and Conclusions
Philipp Seiger, Kavil Ramachandran and Pramodita Sharma


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