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World Encyclopedia Of Entrepreneurship

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World Encyclopedia Of Entrepreneurship

Léo-Paul Dana

Edited by Léo-Paul Dana, Adjunct Professor, GSCM – Montpellier Business School, France and Founding Editor, Journal of International Entrepreneurship and Journal of Enterprising Communities

2011 512 pp Hardback 978 1 84542 479 4
2013 Paperback 978 0 85793 593 9
ebook isbn 978 1 84980 845 3

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‘This comprehensive reference work features entries on numerous aspects of entrepreneurship, written by well-qualified academics from around the world. . . Readers will appreciate the contributors’ explanations of the application of entrepreneurship in a variety of complex environments.’
– P. Judy Li, Choice

Contributors: Z.J. Acs, K. Althoff, R.B. Anderson, A. Atherton, D.B. Audretsch, U. Backes-Gellner, G. Baldacchino, W.J. Baumol, D. Bögenhold, J. Bonnet, R.T. Bradley, T. Brau, M. Casson, P. Cussy, L.-P. Dana, T.E. Dana, A.A. Degen, S. Down, U. Fachinger, A. Fayolle, L. Ferguson, L.J. Filion, K. Frith, Y. Gasse, W.A. Ghoul, P. Gottschalk, R.T. Hamilton, M. Han, R. Harms, T.H. Hawver, J. Huebscher, P.-A. Julien, K.R. Kao, R.W.Y. Kao, R.R. Kao, T. Kautonen, P. Kilby, A.M. Kleinbaum, A. Koch, S. Kolb, S. Kraus, P. Kyrö, C. Lendner, D. Leong, I.H. Light, C.M. Mason, P.P. McDougall, G. McElwee, M. Morris, M. Niemi, J.J. Obrecht, B.M. Oviatt, J. Palmroos, A.M. Peredo, J.M. Pollack, V. Ratten, M.T. Schaper, L. Schjoedt, A.E. Singer, U. Staber, D. Storey, S. Terjesen, D. Tomasino, P. Vainio, P.C. Weber, I. Welpe, F. Welter, K. Wennberg, A. Werner

Further information

This comprehensive reference work, written by some of the most eminent academics in the field, contains entries on numerous aspects of entrepreneurship.

Topics covered include: business angels, Chinese clan entrepreneurship, criminal entrepreneurship, defining the entrepreneur, employee start-ups, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship policy, ethics, ethnic minority entrepreneurship, family business, global entrepreneurship and transnationalism, indigenous entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, internationalization, involuntary entrepreneurship, Islam and entrepreneurship, mature-age entrepreneurs, pastoralism, religion as an explanatory variable for entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship, self-efficacy, small island entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and venture capital. There are also entries on individuals including Conrad Hilton, Howard Hughes and Joseph Schumpeter.

Providing its readers with a unique point of reference, as well as stimulus for further research, this Encyclopedia is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, particularly students, scholars and researchers.

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Robert Blackburn


1. Business Angels
Colin M. Mason

2. Chinese Clan Entrepreneurship
David Leong

3. Configuration Approach in Entrepreneurship Research
Rainer Harms and Sascha Kraus

4. Criminal Entrepreneurship
Petter Gottschalk

5. Defining the Entrepreneur
Louis Jacques Filion

6. Economics and Entrepreneurship
William J. Baumol

7. Employee Start-ups
Andreas Koch

8. Entrepreneurial Decision-making
Jean Bonnet, Pascal Cussy and Thomas Brau

9. Entrepreneurial Desirability
Yvon Gasse

10. Entrepreneurial Orientation
Thomas H. Hawver and Jeffrey M. Pollack

11. Entrepreneurship Education
Alain Fayolle

12. Entrepreneurship in the Ethnic Ownership Economy
Ivan H. Light

13. Entrepreneurship Policy
David B. Audretsch

14. Environment for Entrepreneurship
Jean J. Obrecht

15. Ethics and Entrepreneurship
Alan E. Singer

16. Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship
Léo-Paul Dana and Michael Morris

17. Evolution of Entrepreneurship: Toward Stewardship-based Economics
Raymond W.Y. Kao, Rowland R. Kao and Kenneth R. Kao

18. Exit
Karl Wennberg

19. Family Business
Sascha Kraus and Rainer Harms

20. Feasibility of Entrepreneurship
Yvon Gasse

21. Geographic Proximity in Entrepreneurship
Udo Staber

22. Global Entrepreneurship and Transnationalism
Ivan H. Light

23. Historical Context of Entrepreneurship
Mark Casson

24. Hotelier Entrepreneur
Kirk Frith

25. Howard Hughes
Teresa E. Dana

26. The Hudson’s Bay Company
Lynn Ferguson

27. Implicit Theories of Entrepreneurship
Jeffrey M. Pollack

28. Indigenous Entrepreneurship as a Function of Cultural Perceptions of Opportunity
Léo-Paul Dana and Robert Brent Anderson

29. Interdependent Innovation
Adam M. Kleinbaum

30. Intermediated Internationalization Theory
Zoltan J. Acs and Siri Terjesen

31. International Entrepreneurship
Benjamin M. Oviatt, Vladislav R. Maksimov and Patricia P. McDougall

32. Internationalization of European Entrepreneurs
Léo-Paul Dana, Isa Welpe, Vanessa Ratten and Mary Han

33. Involuntary Entrepreneurship
Teemu Kautonen, Simon Down, Friederike Welter, Kai Althoff, Jenni Palmroos, Susanne Kolb and Pekka Vainio

34. Islam and Entrepreneurship
Wafica Ali Ghoul

35. Learning Business Planning
P. Kyrö and M. Niemi

36. Mature-age Entrepreneurship
Paull C. Weber and Michael T. Schaper

37. Pastoralism as a Form of Entrepreneurship
A. Allan Degen

38. Process
Yvon Gasse

39. A Quantum-holographic Approach to the Psychophysiology of Intuitive Action
Raymond Trevor Bradley and Dana Tomasino

40. Regional Context of Entrepreneurship
Dieter Bögenhold and Uwe Fachinger

41. Religion as an Explanatory Variable for Entrepreneurship
Léo-Paul Dana

42. Rural Entrepreneurship
Gerard McElwee and Andrew Atherton

43. Schumpeter, Creative Destruction and Entrepreneurship
Dieter Bögenhold

44. Self-efficacy
Jeffrey M. Pollack

45. Signalling
Uschi Backes-Gellner and Arndt Werner

46. Simulation Games
Christian Lendner and Jutta Huebscher

47. Small Island Entrepreneurship
Godfrey Baldacchino

48. Social Entrepreneurship
Ana Maria Peredo

49. Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Robert T. Hamilton

50. Teams
Leon Schjoedt and Sascha Kraus

51. Ten Percenters: Fast-growth Middle-market Firms in Britain
David Storey

52. Territorial Entrepreneurship
Pierre-André Julien

53. Third-world Entrepreneurship
Peter Kilby

54. Trust and Entrepreneurship
Friederike Welter

55. Venture Capital
Jeffrey M. Pollack and Thomas H. Hawver


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