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The Economic Impacts Of Terrorist Attacks

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The Economic Impacts Of Terrorist Attacks

Harry W. Richardson , Peter Gordon , James E. Moore II

Edited by Harry W. Richardson, Honorary Doctorate, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Peter Gordon, Professor, School of Policy, Planning and Development, University of Southern California, US and James E. Moore II, Professor, University of Southern California, US

2005 328 pp Hardback 978 1 84542 301 8
2007 Paperback 978 1 84720 336 6
ebook isbn 978 1 84542 815 0

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‘Knowledgeably compiled and expertly co-edited by the team of Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon and James E. Moore II, The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks is a groundbreaking study of the extensive damage done to the American economy as a result of terrorism with a particular focus on the attacks in 2001. . . very highly recommended to students of politics, economics, and the present “war on terrorism”.’
– The Midwest Book Review

Contributors: C.C. Abt, J. Apt, C.-H.C. Bae, A. Bassok, R.L. Bernknopf, L. Blain, D.S. Brookshire, S.E. Chang, W. Enders, A. Farrell, P.T. Ganderton, P. Gordon, D.G. Hallstrom, J.D. Haveman, G. Heal, H. Kunreuther, L.B. Lave, T.L. McDaniels, S.E. Martonosi, J.E. Moore II, M.G. Morgan, D.S. Ortiz, Q. Pan, C.L. Redfearn, D. Reed, H.W. Richardson, A. Rose, T. Sandler, R.E. Schuler, H.J. Shatz, V.K. Smith, E.I. Vilchis, H.H. Willis

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Focussing on the economics of terrorism in the post 9/11 world, this book brings together original research based on the collaborative efforts of leading economists and planners.

The authoritative and expert contributors use a variety of methodological approaches and apply them to different types of terrorist attacks (on airports, highways, seaports, electric power infrastructure, for example). They also draw analogies between man-made and natural disasters. The results suggest that these issues are extremely complex and that the economic costs of some types of attack are huge, but that increased understanding and estimation can be used to justify resource investments in prevention, mitigation and response. A primary aim of the book is to contribute to developing more cost-effective anti-terrorist policies.

Scholars and researchers in the fields of transportation, public sector economics, urban planning, disaster prevention, mitigation and management, and engineers will find The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks a major contribution to a new and rapidly expanding research area.

Full table of contents

1. Introduction
Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon and James E. Moore II
2. Transnational Terrorism: An Economic Analysis
Todd Sandler and Walter Enders
3. You Can Only Die Once: Interdependent Security in an Uncertain World
Geoffrey Heal and Howard Kunreuther
4. Increasing the Security and Reliability of the US Electricity System
Lester B. Lave, Jay Apt, Alex Farrell and M. Granger Morgan
5. Mitigation of Extreme Event Risks: Electric Power Outrage and Infrastructure Failure Interactions
Stephanie E. Chang, Timothy L. McDaniels and Dorothy Reed
6. Float Together/Sink Together? The Effect of Connectivity on Power Systems
Richard E. Schuler
7. Current and Improved Biodefense Cost–Benefit Assessment
Clark C. Abt
8. Improving the Homeland Security Advisory System: An Experimental Analysis of Threat Communication for National Security
Philip T. Ganderton, David S. Brookshire and Richard L. Bernknopf
9. Land Markets and Terrorism: Uncovering Perceptions of Risk by Examining Land Price Changes Following 9/11
Christian L. Redfearn
10. Designing Benefit–Cost Analyses for Homeland Security Policies
V. Kerry Smith and Daniel G. Hallstrom
11. Analyzing Terrorist Threats to the Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach
Adam Rose
12. Evaluating the Viability of 100 per cent Container Inspection at America’s Ports
Susan E. Martonosi, David S. Ortiz and Henry H. Willis
13. An Overview of US Port Security Programs
Jon D. Haveman, Howard J. Shatz and Ernesto I. Vilchis
14. The Economic Impact of a Terrorist Attack on the Twin Ports of Los Angeles–Long Beach
Peter Gordon, James E. Moore II, Harry W. Richardson and Qisheng Pan
15. The Transportation Implications of a Terrorist Attack on Seattle’s Highway Network
Chang-Hee Christine Bae, Larry Blain and Alon Bassok

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