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New Directions In Copyright Law, Volume 2

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New Directions In Copyright Law, Volume 2

Fiona Macmillan

Edited by Fiona Macmillan, School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

Published in Association with the AHRC Research Council to Consider New Directions in Copyright Law
2006 352 pp Hardback 978 1 84542 261 5
ebook isbn 978 1 78195 890 2

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Series: New Directions in Copyright Law series

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This second volume contains further exploration of the themes considered in Volume 1, namely the theoretical framework of copyright, and the convergence, divergence and globalisation of copyright.

Contributors: B. Andersen, T. Aplin, O.B. Arewa, K. Bowrey, L. Davis, J. Gibson, F.W. Grosheide, M. Handler, P.J. Heald, J. Howkins, S. Konzelmann, M. Kretschmer, F. Macmillan, L. Maruca, M. Strathern, L.K. Treigar-Bar-Am, C. Waelde, D. Zografos

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This second volume contains further exploration of the themes considered in Volume 1, namely the theoretical framework of copyright, and the convergence, divergence and globalisation of copyright.

New Directions in Copyright Law, Volume 2 offers valuable insights into developments in rights neighbouring on copyright, such as the EU database directive and television broadcast copyright. It also considers the protection of traditional knowledge – such as the legal protection of folklore, freedom of speech and communication channels. In addition the book investigates copyright and new technologies, taking examples from the music industry and from digital policing. Finally, the authors present views on the tension between corporate power and human rights in the context of copyright, questioning whether it is possible to strike a productive and meaningful balance.

With contributions from leading copyright scholars and commentators from a diverse range of theoretical and disciplinary backgrounds, this book will be of interest to all those concerned with the problems plaguing the modern copyright system.

Full table of contents

Fiona Macmillan
Part I: Theoretical Framework of Copyright Law
1. The Productive Potential of Intellectual Property Rights: Governance and Value Creation Processes
Birgitte Andersen and Sue Konzelmann
Part II: Globalisation, Convergence and Divergence
2. Globalisation, Convergence and Divergence in International Copyright Law: A Question of Expediency or of Right?
F. Willem Grosheide
3. Artists’ Earnings and Copyright: A Review of British and German Music Industry Data in the Context of Digital Technologies
Martin Kretschmer
4. Globalisation, Digitalisation and the Changing Role of Copyright
Lee Davis
Part III: Developments in Rights Neighbouring on Copyright
5. The EU Database Directive: Taking Stock
Tanya Aplin
6. The Moral Right of Integrity: A Freedom of Expression
Leslie Kim Treigar-Bar-Am
7. Television Broadcast Copyright: The Australian Experience
Michael Handler
Part IV: Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Culture
8. The Legal Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions: Is Copyright the Answer?
Daphne Zografos
9. Freedoms and Knowledge, Access and Silence: Traditional Knowledge and Freedom of Speech
Johanna Gibson
10. Protecting Channels of Communication: Some Challenges from the Pacific
Marilyn Strathern
Part V: Copyright and the New Technologies
11. The Plagiarism Panic: Digital Policing in the New Intellectual Property Regime
Lisa Maruca
12. The New, the Bad, the Hot, the Fad: Popular Music, Technology and the Culture of Freedom
Kathy Bowrey
13. Strategic Behavior and Sources of Value: Some Implications of the Intangibles Paradigm
Olufunmilayo B. Arewa
Part VI: Copyright, Corporate Power and Human Rights
14. Copyright, Corporate Power and Human Rights: Reality and Rhetoric
Charlotte Waelde
15. Is it Possible to Balance Creativity and Commerce?
John Howkins
16. Losing to Disney: The Complex Lesson of Eldred v Ashcroft and the Corporate Control of Copyright
Paul J. Heald

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