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Local Public Finance In Central And Eastern Europe

Local Public Finance In Central And Eastern Europe

Zelijko Sevic

Edited by Zeljko Ševic, formerly Caledonian Business School, GCU London, UK

2008 512 pp Hardback 978 1 84376 658 2

Hardback £126.00 on-line price £113.40


‘Local Public Finance in Central and Eastern Europe is an excellent contribution to the comparative and critical analysis of local public finance in Central and Eastern Europe. An excellent and thorough work by the editor is reflected in this publication which gives experts and students new information and perspectives on different issues. A unique publication of this type, the book summarizes essential features of local public finance in selected countries.’
– Leos Vítek, Central European Journal of Public Policy

Contributors: S. Alexandrova, A. Bajo, D. Blažic, P.J. Bryson, P. Bury, M.W. Chandler, G.C. Cornia, J. Ciburiene, B. Davitkovski, C. Doltu, A. Hoxha, E. Hristev, I. Jakir-Bajo, S. Klapare, Y. Krivorotko, K.A. Kriz, T. Meekel, J. Nemec, A. Pavlovska-Daneva, G. Péteri, J.H. Pigey, M. Priede, C.T. Romanik, M. Salabuga, D. Savin, Z. Sevic, S. Slukhai, P. Swianiewicz, J. Tesche, S. Ymeri, G. Žigiene

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This book explores the system of financing local governments in selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Using evidence from the last two decades, the authors, experts on their particular countries, describe the development of the current local government finance system in each nation, and the major challenges and policy options they face. The contributions in this book provide comprehensive coverage of a transitional Europe that encompasses both modern local public finance theory and specific applications in the target countries.

The book is a recommended read not only for students of local government and local public finance, but also practitioners and all those who have to deal with the accountability and financial issues at local government level in Central and Eastern Europe.

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1. Local Government Finance in Central and Eastern Europe: Whither Way?
Željko Ševic

2. Albania: Decentralisation and Local Government Finance – Key Successes and Future Challenges
Juliana H. Pigey, Artan Hoxha and Sabina Ymeri

3. Local Government Finance in Belarus
Yuri Krivorotko

4. Local Government Finance in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jean Tesche

5. Strengthening Local Government Finance: The Case of Bulgaria
Svetlana Alexandrova

6. Local Government Finance in Croatia
Anto Bajo and Ivana Jakir-Bajo

7. Fiscal Decentralisation in the Czech Republic: Problems and Prospects
Phillip J. Bryson and Gary C. Cornia

8. Local Government Finance in Estonia
Kenneth A. Kriz

9. Decentralisation Under Fiscal Pressure: Local Government Finances in Hungary
Gábor Péteri

10. Local Government Finance in Latvia
Mudite Priede and Solvita Klapare

11. Local Government Finance in Lithuania
Gerda Žigiene, Jadvyga Ciburiene and Mark W. Chandler

12. Financing Local Self-Government in the Republic of Macedonia
Borce Davitkovski and Ana Pavlovska-Daneva

13. Local Government Finance in Moldova
Clare T. Romanik, Eugeniu Hristev and Maria Salabuga

14. Local Government Finance in Montenegro
Djordjije Blazic

15. Local Government Finance in Poland
Piotr Bury and Pawel Swianiewicz

16. Local Government Finance in Romania
Claudiu Doltu

17. Local Government Finance in Serbia
Thomas Meekel

18. Local Government Finance in Slovakia
Juraj Nemec

19. Financing Local Communities in Slovenia
Davor Savin

20. Funding Local Government in Ukraine
Sergii Slukhai


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