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Heterodox Economic Theories

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Heterodox Economic Theories

True or False?

Fred Moseley

Edited by Fred Moseley, Professor of Economics, Mount Holyoke College, US

1995 168 pp Hardback 978 1 85278 841 4
ebook isbn 978 1 78195 922 0

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‘This is a book every economist could learn from, whatever may be his or her approach to economics.’
– Daniel R. Fusfeld, Review of Radical Political Economics


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Economic methodologists have traditionally paid very little attention to heterodox economic theories. In this major new book three leading heterodox scholars respond to the influential appraisals of Sraffian, Radical and Marxian economics made by Mark Blaug, the eminent economic methodologist.

Heterodox Economic Theories begins with a paper by Ian Steedman on Sraffian economics and the capital controversy. This is followed by papers on radical economics by Michael Reich and Marx’s economic analysis by Fred Moseley. Professor Moseley has also written an extensive introduction to the work featured in this volume.

Including replies by Mark Blaug and comments by a distinguished group of economic methodologists, this book offers a stimulating debate between heterodox and mainstream economists over the value of three important economic traditions and over the most appropriate methodology for the appraisal of economic theories.

Full table of contents

Contents: Introduction: Appraising Heterodox Economic Theories (F. Moseley) 1. Sraffian Economics and the Capital Controversy (I. Steedman), Comment (R. Backhouse), Reply (M. Blaug) 2. Radical Economics: Successes and Failures (M. Reich), Methodological Atavism and Radical Economics: Comment of Reich (W. Hands), Reply (M. Blaug) 3. Marx’s Economic Theory: True or False? (F. Moseley), Comment (B. Caldwell), Reply (M. Blaug)

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