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Economics Uncut

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Economics Uncut

A Complete Guide to Life, Death and Misadventure

Simon W. Bowmaker

Edited by Simon W. Bowmaker, Clinical Associate Professor of Economics, New York University, US

2005 488 pp Hardback 978 1 84376 362 8
2005 Paperback 978 1 84542 580 7
ebook isbn 978 1 84542 798 6

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Paperback £38.00 on-line price £30.40


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‘If you thought you could hide your secrets from the prying eyes of economists, think again. From sex to drugs to gambling to crime, this book will show you how the tools of economics can be used to understand just about any human behavior. This book will assuredly be the unofficial economist’s guide to vice for the foreseeable future.’
– Steven Levitt, University of Chicago and author of Freakonomics

Contributors: B.L. Benson, S.W. Bowmaker, S. Cameron, L. Friedberg, D.D. Friedman, J. Goddard, F. Heiland, R.D. Johnson, L.H. Kahane, S.A. Kossoudji, J.A. Miron, P.G. Moffatt, R.J. Phillips, R. Simmons, P.J. Sloane, S.N. Stern, R.J. Stonebraker, M. Thornton

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This highly innovative and intriguing book applies principles of microeconomics to unusual settings to inspire students, teachers and scholars alike in the ‘dismal science’. Leading experts show how economics reaches into the strangest of places and throws light onto the occasionally dark side of human nature.

‘Sins and Needles’ examines the economics of drug addiction, prohibition and liberalization; ‘Guns and Roses’ looks at the contribution economists can make to understanding crime as well as marriage and divorce; ‘Body and Soul’ investigates the economics of pornography, prostitution, suicide and religion; ‘Conception and Rejection’ explores the controversial economics of assisted reproduction and abortion; and ‘Fun and Games’ considers the economics of sport, gambling and music.

Not only does Economics Uncut illustrate how economics can be used to promote our understanding of a broad range of human behaviour, but it also draws upon research conducted in other disciplines from the social sciences. As such, this fascinating and highly accessible book will be of great interest to academics, students and researchers in economics, criminology, sociology, and psychology alike

Full table of contents

Contents: Preface Bend it Like Becker Introduction by David D. Friedman Part I: Sins and Needles 1. Economics of Drug Addiction 2. Economics of Drug Prohibition 3. Economics of Drug Liberalization Part II: Guns and Roses 4. Economics of Crime 5. Economics of Marriage and Divorce Part III: Body and Soul 6. Economics of Pornography 7. Economics of Prostitution 8. Economics of Suicide 9. Economics of Religion Part IV: Conception and Rejection 10. Economics of Assisted Reproduction 11. Economics of Abortion Part V: Fun and Games 12. Economics of Sport 13. Economics of Gambling 14. Economics of Rock ‘n’ Roll Index

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