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The Politics Of The Arctic

The Politics Of The Arctic

Geir Hønneland

Edited by Geir Hønneland, Research Professor and Deputy Director, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway

2013 744 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 900 0

Hardback £253.00 on-line price £227.70


Series: Elgar Mini Series

‘This is a timely and much needed volume that provides the reader with easy access to a wide selection of academic and semi-academic work that has served to set the tone and direction of the international debate on Arctic affairs over the last two decades.’
– Alf Håkon Hoel, Havforskningsinstituttet, Norway

45 articles, dating from 1985 to 2012 Contributors include: C. Archer, S.G. Borgerson, K. Dodds, C. Keskitalo, T. Koivurova, S. Medvedev, I.B. Neumann, I.S. Olav, D. Rothwell, O.S. Stokke, O.R. Young

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The Arctic ice cap is melting and scientists are uncertain about how this will affect ecosystems. At the same time, the Arctic is the object of heated political discussion. Who shall extract the oil when the ice disappears? How are marine delimitation lines established? Who will control the new sea routes that are opening up? Who actually owns the Arctic? This volume, edited by a leading academic in the field, brings together some of the most authoritative journal articles on Arctic politics publishes since the end of the Cold War. The articles discuss circumpolar and regional Arctic governance, including the claim that a ‘scramble for the Arctic’ is underway.

Along with an original introduction by Professor Hønneland, this collection will be of interest to academics, researchers and students with an interest in the politics of the arctic.

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Introduction Geir Hønneland

The First Arctic Wave

1. Oran R. Young (1985), ‘The Age of the Arctic’
2. Clive Archer (1988), ‘General Features of Political Development and Possibilities for Cooperation in the Arctic’
3. Olav Schram Stokke (1990), ‘The Northern Environment: Is Cooperation Coming?’
4. J. Enno Harders (1987), ‘In Quest of an Arctic Legal Regime: Marine Regionalism – A Concept of International Law Evaluated’
5. Alexei Yu Roginko and Matthew J. LaMourie (1992), ‘Emerging Marine Environmental Protection Strategies for the Arctic’
6. David D. Caron (1993), ‘Toward an Arctic Environmental Regime’

7. Robert L. Friedheim (1988), ‘The Regime of the Arctic - Distributional or Integrative Bargaining?’
8. David Scrivener (1999), ‘Arctic Environmental Cooperation in Transition’
9. Oran R. Young (2002), ‘Can the Arctic Council and the Northern Forum Find Common Ground?’
10. Oran R. Young (2005), ‘Governing the Arctic: From Cold War Theater to Mosaic of Cooperation’
11. Lassi Heininen and Heather N. Nicol (2007), ‘The Importance of Northern Dimension Foreign Policies in the Geopolitics of the Circumpolar North’
12. Carina Keskitalo (2007), ‘International Region-Building: Development of the Arctic as an International Region’
13. Elana Wilson (2007), ‘Arctic Unity, Arctic Difference: Mapping the Reach of Northern Discourses’
14. Njord Wegge (2011), ‘The Political Order in the Arctic: Power Structures, Regimes and Influence’
15. Torbjørn Pedersen (2012), ‘Debates over the Role of the Arctic Council’

16. Christopher Kirkey (1995), ‘Smoothing Troubled Waters: The 1988 Canada–United States Arctic Co-operation Agreement’
17. Kristian Åtland (2008), ‘Mikhail Gorbachev, the Murmansk Initiative, and the Desecuritization of Interstate Relations in the Arctic’
18. Iver B. Neumann (1994), ‘A Region-Building Approach to Northern Europe’
19. Geir Hønneland (1998), ‘Identity Formation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region’
20. Sergei Medvedev (2001), ‘[the_blank_space] Glenn Gould, Finland, Russia and the North’
21. Pami Aalto, Simon Dalby and Vilho Harle (2003), ‘The Critical Geopolitics of Northern Europe: Identity Politics Unlimited’
22. Christopher S. Browning (2003), ‘The Region-Building Approach Revisited: The Continued Othering of Russia in Discourses of Region-Building in the European North’
23. Geir Hønneland (2010), ‘East–West Collaboration in the European North’
24. Tore Henriksen and Geir Ulfstein (2011), ‘Maritime Delimitation in the Arctic: The Barents Sea Treaty’


25. Scott G. Borgerson (2008), ‘Arctic Meltdown: The Economic and Security Implications of Global Warming’
26. Margaret Blunden (2009), ‘The New Problem of Arctic Stability’
27. Charles K. Ebinger and Evie Zambetakis (2009), ‘The Geopolitics of Arctic Melt’
28. Adriana Craciun (2009), ‘The Scramble for the Arctic’
29. Elizabeth Elliot-Meisel (2009), ‘Politics, Pride, and Precedent: The United States and Canada in the Northwest Passage’
30. Klaus Dodds (2010), ‘Flag Planting and Finger Pointing: The Law of the Sea, the Arctic and the Political Geographies of the Outer Continental Shelf’
31. Ian G. Brosnan, Thomas M. Leschine and Edward L. Miles (2011), ‘Cooperation or Conflict in a Changing Arctic’
32. Timo Koivurova (2011), ‘The Actions of the Arctic States Respecting the Continental Shelf: A Reflective Essay’
33. Younkyoo Kim and Stephen Blank (2011), ‘The Arctic: A New Issue on Asia’s Security Agenda’
34. Margaret Blunden (2012), ‘Geopolitics and the Northern Sea Route’
35. Nong Hong (2012), ‘The Energy Factor in the Arctic Dispute: A Pathway to Conflict or Cooperation?’
36. Torbjørn Pedersen (2006), ‘The Svalbard Continental Shelf Controversy: Legal Disputes and Political Rivalries’

37. Olav Schram Stokke (2006), ‘A Legal Regime for the Arctic? Interplay with the Law of the Sea Convention’
38. Donald Rothwell (2008), ‘The Arctic in International Affairs: Time for a New Regime?’
39. Oran R. Young (2009), ‘Whither the Arctic? Conflict or Cooperation in the Circumpolar North’
40. Timo Koivurova (2010), ‘Limits and Possibilities of the Arctic Council in a Rapidly Changing Scene of Arctic Governance’
41. Oran R. Young (2010), ‘Arctic Governance - Pathways to the Future’
42. Olav Schram Stokke (2011), ‘Environmental Security in the Arctic: The Case for Multilevel Governance’
43. Oran R. Young (2011), ‘If an Arctic Treaty is not the Solution, What is the Alternative?’
44. Shih-Ming Kao, Nathaniel S. Pearre and Jeremy Firestone (2012), ‘Adoption of the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement: A Shift of the Arctic Regime toward a Hard Law Basis?’

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