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Handbook Of Global Environmental Politics, Second Edition

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Handbook Of Global Environmental Politics, Second Edition

Peter Dauvergne

Edited by Peter Dauvergne, Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia, Canada

2012 560 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 940 5
2013 Paperback 978 1 78100 544 6
ebook isbn 978 1 84980 941 2

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‘Both novices and experts will benefit from having this outstanding resource in hand. It contains vivid descriptions on the cutting edge topics that form the heart of contemporary environmental politics. It offers a mother lode of footnote and end-of-chapter bibliographical material that can be mined for profit.’
– American Society of International Law Newsletter

Contributors: S. Andresen, K. Bäckstrand, J.S. Barkin, S. Bernstein, F. Biermann, H. Bulkeley, K. Conca, P. Dauvergne, I. de Soysa, E.R. DeSombre, R. Dimitrov, A. Dobson, L. Elliott, R. Falkner, M. Finger, D. Fuchs, T. Gehring, L.H. Gulbrandsen, J. Gupta, T. Gutner, M.J. Hoffmann, D. Humphreys, S. Jinnah, A. Jordan, A. Kalfagianni, G. Kütting, D.L. Levy, R.D. Lipschutz, K. Litfin, R. Matthew, A.P.J. Mol, P. Newell, S. Park, M. Paterson, T. Princen, T. Rayner, H. Schroeder, H. Selin, T. Skodvin, G. Spaargaren, D.F. Sprinz, D. Svarin, J. Vogler, P. Wapner, M. Williams

Further information

The second edition of this Handbook contains more than 30 new and original articles as well as six essential updates by leading scholars of global environmental politics. This landmark book maps the latest theoretical and empirical research in this energetic and growing field. Captured here are the pioneering and lively debates over concerns for the health of the planet and how they might best be addressed.

The introduction explores the intellectual trends and evolving parameters in the field of global environmental politics. It makes a case for an expansive definition of the field, one that embraces an interdisciplinary literature on the connections between global politics and environmental change. The remaining chapters are divided into four broad themes – states and cooperation; global governance; the political economy of governance; and knowledge and ethics – with each section covering key emerging issues. In-depth explorations are given to topics such as climate change, multinational corporations, international agreements and UN organizations, regulations and business standards, trade and international finance, multilevel and transnational governance, and ecological citizenship.

Handbook of Global Environmental Politics, Second Edition is a comprehensive review of the field and offers cutting-edge ideas for further research. As such, scholars, students and policy-makers will find themselves looking to it for many years to come.

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1. Research Trends in Global Environmental Politics
Peter Dauvergne

2. When Regimes Backfire: Institutional Expectations and Environmental Deadlock
J. Samuel Barkin

3. Changing Issue Structure to Avoid Free Riders: Protecting the Ocean Environment
Elizabeth R. DeSombre

4. International Environmental Regimes as Decision Machines
Thomas Gehring

5. Climate Regime Design, the Global Warming Potential, and Climate Risk Management
Tora Skodvin

6. The Politics of Persuasion: UN Climate Change Negotiations
Radoslav Dimitrov

7. Do We Need More Global Sustainability Conferences?
Steinar Andresen

8. Changing North–South Challenges in Global Environmental Politics
Joyeeta Gupta

9. Environment, Conflict, and Peacebuilding
Richard Matthew

10. The Comfortable Lie? Another Look at Natural Resource Scarcity and Armed Conflict
Indra de Soysa

11. Legitimacy Problems and Responses in Global Environmental Governance
Steven Bernstein

12. International Organizations and Global Environmental Governance: Toward Structural Reform
Frank Biermann

13. Studying the Global Commons: Governance without Politics?
John Vogler

14. Long-term Environmental Policy: Definition–Origin–Response Options
Detlef F. Sprinz

15. Global Environmental Politics and Governance: A Networks and Flows Perspective
Arthur P.J. Mol and Gert Spaargaren

16. Global Multilevel Governance and the Management of Hazardous Chemicals
Henrik Selin

17. Governing Climate Change: The Challenge of Mitigating and Adapting in a Warming World
Tim Rayner and Andrew Jordan

18. Climate Governance Experiments
Matthew J. Hoffmann

19. Global Cities and the Politics of Climate Change
Harriet Bulkeley and Heike Schroeder

20. The Political Ecology of Globalization
Peter Newell

21. Exploring Global Governance from a Critical Global Political Economy Perspective
Gabriela Kütting

22. Nonstate Actors in Global Environmental Governance
Matthias Finger and David Svarin

23. The Effectiveness of Private Environmental Governance
Doris Fuchs and Agni Kalfagianni

24. Private Actors and Strategies in Global Environmental Governance: The Role of Information Disclosure
David L. Levy

25. Business Power, Business Conflict: A Neo-pluralist Perspective on International Environmental Politics
Robert Falkner

26. Impacts of Nonstate Governance: Lessons from the Certification of Marine Fisheries
Lars H. Gulbrandsen

27. Evaluating World Bank Environmental Performance
Tamar Gutner

28. Greening Development Finance: Cases from the World Bank Group
Susan Park

29. Moving the Earth: Cars and the Dynamics of Environmental Politics
Matthew Paterson

30. Trade–Environment Politics: The Emerging Role of Regional Trade Agreements
Sikina Jinnah

31. Environmental Human Rights: Greening “the Dignity and Worth of the Human Person”
Ken Conca

32. Thinking like a Planet: Gaian Politics and the Transformation of the World Food System
Karen Litfin

33. After Nature: Environmental Politics in a Postmodern Age
Paul Wapner

34. Knowledge, Power and Global Environmental Policy
Marc Williams

35. The Global Politics of Geoengineering
David Humphreys

36. A Sustainability Ethic
Thomas Princen

37. The Sustainability Debate: Déjà Vu All Over Again?
Ronnie D. Lipschutz

38. Transnational Environmental Harm, Inequity and the Cosmopolitan Response
Lorraine Elliott

39. Democracy and Global Environmental Politics
Karin Bäckstrand

40. Ecological Citizenship Revisited
Andrew Dobson


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