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A Handbook Of Cultural Economics, Second Edition

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A Handbook Of Cultural Economics, Second Edition

Ruth Towse

Edited by Ruth Towse, Professor of Economics of Creative Industries, CIPPM, Bournemouth University, UK and CREATe Fellow in Cultural Economics (University of Glasgow)

2011 456 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 887 2
2013 Paperback 978 0 85793 103 0
ebook isbn 978 0 85793 057 6

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Paperback £37.00 on-line price £29.60


Series: Elgar original reference

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‘A Handbook of Cultural Economics is the definitive guide to cultural economics. Short, accessible articles by leading scholars in the field quickly bring the reader up to speed and point them in the right direction for future research. The new edition brings the field to the cutting edge and is a must have for anyone interested in economics and the insights it offers for understanding popular culture and the arts.’
– Alex Tabarrok, George Mason University and The Independent Institute, US

Contributors: H. Abbing, K. Acheson, K. Alford, O. Ashenfelter, W.J. Baumol, F. Benhamou, M. Blaug, L. Bonet, A.E. Burke, S. Cameron, D.C. Chisholm, F. Colbert, T. Cowen, T. Cuccia, G. Doyle, J. Farchy, V. Fernández-Blanco, B.S. Frey, V. Ginsburgh, K. Graddy, C.M. Gray, J. Heilbrun, A. Henten, C. Hjorth-Andersen, M. Hutter, W.M. Landes, L. Lévy-Garboua, W.A. Luksetich, C. Maule, I. Mazza, C. Montmarquette, D. Netzer, J. O’Hagan, G. Pignataro, J. Prieto-Rodríguez, I. Rizzo, F. Rochelandet, M. Rushton, D. Sagot-Duvauroux, W. Santagata, G.G. Schulze, B.A. Seaman, J.D. Snowball, M. Taalas, R. Tadayoni, D. Throsby, R. Towse, M. Trimarchi, D. Urrutiaguer, O. Velthuis, N.M. Wijnberg, G. Withers

Further information

The second edition of this widely acclaimed and extensively cited collection of original contributions by specialist authors reflects changes in the field of cultural economics over the last eight years. Thoroughly revised chapters alongside new topics and contributors bring the Handbook up to date, taking into account new research, literature and the impact of new technologies in the creative industries.

The book covers a range of topics encompassing the creative industries as well as the economics of the arts and culture, and includes chapters on: the economics of art (including auctions, markets and prices), artists’ labour markets, creativity and the creative economy, cultural districts, cultural value, globalization and international trade, the Internet, media economics, museums, non-profit organizations, opera, performance indicators, performing arts, publishing, regulation, tax expenditures and welfare economics.

This highly commended reference tool will be warmly welcomed on a wide range of courses in the fields of economics, business, management, arts management and cultural and media studies.

Full table of contents


Preface to the Second Edition

Ruth Towse

1. Application of Welfare Economics
William J. Baumol

2. Art Auctions
Orley Ashenfelter and Kathryn Graddy

3. Art Dealers
Olav Velthuis

4. Art Markets
Olav Velthuis

5. Art Prices
Dominique Sagot-Duvauroux

6. Artistic Freedom
Michael Rushton

7. Artists’ Labour Markets
Françoise Benhamou

8. Artists’ Rights
Michael Rushton

9. Awards
Nachoem M. Wijnberg

10. Baumol’s Cost Disease
James Heilbrun

11. Broadcasting
Glenn Withers and Katrina Alford

12. Cinema
Samuel Cameron

13. Contingent Valuation
Tiziana Cuccia

14. Copyright
William M. Landes

15. Costs of Production
Mervi Taalas

16. Creative Economy
Tyler Cowen

17. Creative Industries
Ruth Towse

18. Creativity
Ruth Towse

19. Criticism
Samuel Cameron

20. Cultural Capital
David Throsby

21. Cultural Districts
Walter Santagata

22. Cultural Entrepreneurship
Mark Blaug and Ruth Towse

23. Cultural Statistics
David Throsby

24. Cultural Tourism
Lluís Bonet

25. Cultural Value
Jen D. Snowball

26. Demand
Louis Lévy-Garboua and Claude Montmarquette

27. Digitalization
Anders Henten and Reza Tadayoni

28. Economic Impact of the Arts
Bruce A. Seaman

29. Experience Goods
Michael Hutter

30. Festivals
Bruno S. Frey

31. Globalization
Keith Acheson

32. Heritage
Françoise Benhamou

33. International Trade
Günther G. Schulze

34. The Internet: Culture for Free
Joëlle Farchy

35. The Internet: Economics
Fabrice Rochelandet

36. Management of the Arts
François Colbert

37. Marketing the Arts
François Colbert

38. Media Economics and Regulation
Gillian Doyle

39. Motion Pictures
Darlene C. Chisholm

40. Museums
Víctor Fernández-Blanco and Juan Prieto-Rodríguez

41. The Music Industry
Andrew E. Burke

42. Non-profit Organizations
Dick Netzer

43. Opera and Ballet
Ruth Towse

44. Orchestras
William A. Luksetich

45. Participation
Charles M. Gray

46. Performance Indicators
Giacomo Pignataro

47. Performing Arts
Ruth Towse

48. Poverty and Support for Artists
Hans Abbing

49. Pricing the Arts
Michael Rushton

50. Principal–Agent Analysis
Michele Trimarchi

51. Public Choice
Isidoro Mazza

52. Public Support
Bruno S. Frey

53. Publishing
Christian Hjorth-Andersen

54. Regulation
Ilde Rizzo

55. Resale Rights
Victor Ginsburgh

56. Superstars
Günther G. Schulze

57. Tax Concessions
John O’Hagan

58. Television
Christopher Maule

59. Theatre
Daniel Urrutiaguer

60. Welfare Economics
Mark Blaug


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