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The Economics Of Productivity

The Economics Of Productivity

Dale Jorgenson

Edited by Dale Jorgenson, Samuel W. Morris University Professor, Harvard University, US

2009 800 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 484 3

Hardback £263.00 on-line price £236.70


Series: The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series

‘There may be no topic in economics that is more important than productivity and there may be no man better qualified to bring together the leading research on productivity than Dale Jorgenson. This book is essential reading for any serious researcher or policy-maker seeking to understand this topic.’
– Erik Brynjolfsson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School, US

23 articles, dating from 2000 to 2008 Contributors include: M.S. Ho, R. Inklaar, K. Nomura, S.D. Oliner, M. O’Mahoney, D.E. Sichel, K.J. Stiroh, M. Timmer, B. van Ark

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The contemporary framework for productivity measurement presented in this volume focuses on the impact of information technology on economic growth. The remarkable behavior of information technology prices provides the key to the resurgence of productivity growth in the USA and the world economy.

This essential volume brings together recent research by leading scholars in this important field. Professor Jorgenson has provided an original introduction which offers useful insights into this exciting area of study.

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Introduction Dale W. Jorgenson

1. Dale W. Jorgenson and Kevin J. Stiroh (2000), ‘Raising the Speed Limit: U.S. Economic Growth in the Information Age’
2. Stephen D. Oliner and Daniel E. Sichel (2000), ‘The Resurgence of Growth in the late 1990s: Is Information Technology the Story?’
3. Dale W. Jorgensen (2001), ‘Information Technology and the U.S. Economy’
4. Martin Neil Baily (2002), ‘Distinguished Lecture on Economics in Government: The New Economy: Post Mortem or Second Wind’
5. Nicholas Oulton (2002), ‘ICT and Productivity Growth in the United Kingdom’
6. Kevin J. Stiroh (2002), ‘Information Technology and the U.S. Productivity Revival: What do the Industry Data Say?’
7. Bart van Ark, Robert Inklaar and Robert H. McGuckin (2003), ‘ICT and Productivity in Europe and the United States: Where Do the Differences Come From’
8. Susanto Basu, John Fednald, Nicholas Oulton and Sylaja Srinivasan (2003), ‘The Case of the Missing Productivity Growth, or Does Information Technology Explain Why Productivity Accelerated in the United States but Not in the United Kingdom’
9. Bart van Ark and Marcin Piatkowski (2004), ‘Productivity, Innovation and ICT in Old and New Europe’
10. Dale W. Jorgenson (2005), ‘Information Technology and the G7 Economics’
11. Robert Inklaar, Mary O’Mahony and Marcel P. Timmer (2005), ‘ICT and Europe’s Productivity Performance: Industry-Level Growth Account Comparisons with the United States’
12. Marcel P. Timmer and Bart van Ark (2005), ‘Does Information and Communication Technology Drive EU-US Productivity Growth Differentials?’
13. Dale W. Jorgenson and Kazuyuki Motohashi (2005), ‘Information Technology and the Japanese Economy’
14. Dale W. Jorgenson and Koji Nomura (2005), ‘The Industry Origins of Japanese Economic Growth’
15. Dale W. Jorgenson and Khuong Vu (2007), ‘Information Technology and the World Growth Resurgence’
16. Robert Inklaar and Marcel P. Timmer (2007), ‘Of Yeast and Mushrooms: Patterns of Industry-Level Productivity Growth’
17. Robert Inklaar, Marcel P. Timmer and Bart van Ark (2007), ‘Mind the Gap! International Comparisons of Productivity in Services and Goods Production’
18. Dale W. Jorgenson, Mun Ho, Jon D. Samuels and Kevin J. Stiroh (2007), ‘Industry Origins of the American Productivity Resurgence’
19. Dale W. Jorgenson and Koju Nomura (2007), ‘The Industry Origins of the US-Japan Productivity Gap’
20. Stephen D. Oliner, David E. Sichel and Kevin J. Stiroh (2007), ‘Explaining a Productive Decade’
21. Robert Inklaar, Marcel P. Timmer and Bart van Ark (2008), ‘Market Services Productivity Across Europe and the U.S.’
22. Dale W. Jorgenson, Mun S. Ho and Kevin J. Stiroh (2008), ‘A Retrospective Look at the U.S. Productivity Growth Resurgence’
23. Bart van Ark, Mary O’ Mahony and Marcel P. Timmer (2008), ‘The Productivity Gap Between Europe and the United States: Trends and Causes’

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