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Central Banking And Monetary Policy In The Asia-Pacific

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Central Banking And Monetary Policy In The Asia-Pacific

Akhand Akhtar Hossain

Akhand Akhtar Hossain, Associate Professor of Economics, The University of Newcastle, Australia

2009 368 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 372 4
ebook isbn 978 1 84980 209 3

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‘The 1997 East Asia crisis exposed many economic policy weaknesses in the Asia-Pacific region. In his latest book, Dr Hossain provides students with a refreshing up-to-date reference text on the concepts and principles of money, banking and finance in developing countries which differ in many ways to monetary institutions and practices in developed countries, which conventional monetary textbooks focus on. I thoroughly recommend it.’
– A.P. Thirlwall, University of Kent, UK


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This timely book reviews the modern literature on inflation and monetary policy, and highlights contemporary issues in the design and conduct of monetary policy for price stability in developing Asia.

Akhand Akhtar Hossain surveys the evolution of central banking and provides an introduction to the structure, function and governance of central banks in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific. The author also examines the major theories, models and approaches to inflation and monetary policy, and evaluates monetary policy regimes in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific in a historical context.

This eloquent and comprehensible book will prove to be invaluable to undergraduate students on monetary theory and policy as well as banking and financial courses. Researchers exploring monetary policy concepts, principles and case studies will warmly welcome this book, as will policy-makers who have an interest in macroeconomics, monetary and financial policies.

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Contents: Preface 1. Introduction 2. Monetary and Fiscal Policies for Macroeconomic Stability: An Asian Perspective 3. Central Banking in the Asia-Pacific: An Overview 4. Monetary Policy: Overview of Concepts, Debates and Issues 5. Inflation and Monetary Policy: Theories, Models and Approaches 6. Choice of the Strategy of Monetary Policy for Price Stability 7. The Money Supply Process and Monetary Management 8. Transmission Mechanisms of Monetary Policy and the Demand for Money 9. Inflation and Monetary Policy in Selected Countries of the Asia-Pacific 10. Summary and Conclusion Bibliography Index

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