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Technological Change And Mature Industrial Regions

Technological Change And Mature Industrial Regions

Firms, Knowledge and Policy

Mahtab A. Farschi , Odile E.M. Janne , Philip McCann

Edited by Mahtab A. Farshchi, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Department of Property, Surveying and Construction, London South Bank University, UK, Odile E.M. Janne, Lecturer in Management, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK and Philip McCann, University of Groningen Endowed Chair of Economic Geography, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

2009 400 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 089 1

Hardback £110.00 on-line price £99.00


Series: New Horizons in Regional Science series

‘This book provides a comprehensive analysis of one of the major problems of our rapidly changing world: how is it that some cities and regions move from prosperity to economic decline and why is that some regions restructure quicker than others? The various chapters in this book show that this is often associated with the rise and fall of certain key industries. Yet, regional decline is not the end of the story. Even when these industries are mature or declining, the competences acquired in a specific territory offer the opportunity to start new adventures and to generate new jobs, income and well-being. This book provides an excellent tool-kit for analysts and policy-makers as to how such restructuring operates.’
– Daniele Archibugi, Italian National Research Council

Contributors: J.-M. Arauzo-Carod, D. Bailey, A. Beer, M.H. Best, P. Clark, E.P. Domingues, M.A. Farshchi, E.A. Haddad, G.J.D. Hewings, S. Iammarino, M. Jaklic, O.E.M. Janne, J. Jones, D. Jordan, S. Kobayashi, I. Mariotti, P. McCann, E. O’Leary, I. Paniccia, J.B. Parr, F.S. Perobelli, G. Petrakos, Y. Psycharis, A.C. Svetina, J.K. Swales, H. Thomas, E. Viladecans-Marsal, N. von Tunzelmann, C. Wren, H. Zagorsek

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Technological Change and Mature Industrial Regions explicitly adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to analysing the structural transformation of mature regions. The major focus of the book is from an economics perspective, but it also employs sociological analyses, business history approaches and technological analyses. It critically considers the identification and development of regional capabilities and regional policy initiatives for mature industrial areas in the context of globalisation and technological change. Specific cases from a range of different countries help to distinguish which aspects of mature regions’ technology, knowledge or structure are region-specific, and which are more generally applicable to mature industrial regions throughout the world. The book will prove to be invaluable for academic researchers as well as government and policy communities.

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1. The Problems of Mature Regions: An Introduction and Overview
Mahtab Akhavan Farshchi, Odile E.M. Janne and Philip McCann

2. Regional Capabilities and Industrial Regeneration
Nick von Tunzelmann

3. Multinational Firms and Technological Innovation: The ‘Global Versus Local’ Challenge
Simona Iammarino, Odile E.M. Janne and Philip McCann

4. Interdependence Among the Brazilian States: An Input–Output Approach
Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli, Eduardo Amaral Haddad and Edson Paulo Domingues

5. The Changing Structure of Trade and Interdependence in a Mature Economy: The US Midwest
Geoffrey J.D. Hewings and John B. Parr

6. Mature Industries and Declining Regions: An Analysis of the Spanish Case
Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod and Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal

7. Birmingham’s Marshallian Knowledge: A Constraining Geo-Historical Context for Domestic Saloon Manufacturers?
Peter Clark

8. Life After Longbridge? Crisis and Restructuring in the West Midlands Auto Cluster
David Bailey and Seiji Kobayashi

9. Massachusetts Medical Devices: Leveraging the Region’s Capabilities
Michael H. Best

10. Economic Restructuring, Regional ‘Visioning’ and the Role of Universities: The Outcomes of an Automobile Plant Closure in Southern Adelaide, Australia
Andrew Beer and Holli Thomas

11. Maturity or Decline of Italian Industrial Districts
Ivana Paniccia

12. Knowledge Spillovers and Industrial Transformation: The West Midlands and Saxony Automotive Clusters
Odile E.M. Janne and Mahtab Akhavan Farshchi

13. A Cost–Benefit Approach to the Assessment of Regional Policy
J. Kim Swales

14. Regional Policies in Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom: A Shift in Paradigm?
Ilaria Mariotti

15. Innovation Policy After the ‘Celtic Tiger’
Declan Jordan and Eoin O’Leary

16. Grants and the Location of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from the UK Regions
Colin Wren and Jonathan Jones

17. Cluster Policy Implementation and Evaluation in Slovenia: Lessons from a Transition Economy
Anja Cotic Svetina, Marko Jaklic and Hugo Zagorsek

18. Lagging Regions and Policy Options: The Case of Greece in the European Context
Yannis Psycharis and George Petrakos


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