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The Elgar Companion To Feminist Economics

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The Elgar Companion To Feminist Economics

Janice Peterson , Margaret Lewis

Edited by Janice Peterson, Department of Economics, California State University, Fresno, US and Margaret Lewis, Professor of Economics, College of Saint Benedict, US

Awarded the Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2001
1999 832 pp Hardback 978 1 85898 453 7
2001 Paperback 978 1 84064 783 9
ebook isbn 978 1 84376 868 5

Hardback £202.00 on-line price £181.80

Paperback £51.00 on-line price £40.80


Series: Elgar original reference

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‘Janice Peterson and Margaret Lewis are to be commended for the fine job they’ve done producing this invaluable resource. The volume’s nearly 100 entries are uniformly well written, tightly focused, and, of equal importance, each contains a fine bibliography, which will be of use to those familiar with the topic and those just getting introduced. Moreover, the list of 88 contributors to the Companion reads like a “Who's Who" of feminist economics, and this reviewer rues the day she decided not to write an entry. . . . the volume will be useful across the entire undergraduate and graduate curriculum, since the entries and bibliographic sources collected here are unavailable elsewhere. . . . I cannot imagine anyone setting out to write an essay engaging a topic on which feminist economists have written without referring to the relevant entries in this encyclopedia. Peterson and Lewis have performed a valuable service by compiling an encyclopedia that conveys the depth and breadth of feminist interventions in the economics discipline. . . this volume is truly a goddess send.’
– Susan F. Feiner, Feminist Economics

‘Feminist economics offers a new perspective, considering the impact of economics on human lives, particularly women and their children. The whole spectrum of economic thought is covered, including economic concepts, schools of economic thought, traditional economic fields, policy issues and feminist economics professional organizations. This book covers many topics of particular interest to feminist economists that are often not covered in traditional economics works. . . Highly recommended for libraries and researchers in feminist economics, upper-division undergraduate and up.’
– E.P. Hoffman, Choice

The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics is the first comprehensive reference work introducing readers to the field of feminist economics. It includes 99 entries by 88 authors.

Contributors: A.L. Aerni, R. Albelda, D.M. Anderson, I. Aslaksen, R.-M. Avin, L. Badgett, I. Bakker, R. Balakrishnan, D.K. Barker, R.L. Bartlett, A.H. Beller, L. Benería, S. Berger, S. Bergeron, G. Berik, A. Bernasek, D. Brown, I. Bruegel, B.S. Burnell, M.K. Chamberlain, M.S. Coleman, P. Connelly, R. Cornwall, C.D. Deere, L. Duggan, D. Elson, M.A. Ferber, D.M. Figart, M.S. Floro, T. Ghilarducci, P. Graham, U. Grapard, S. Grossbard-Shechtman, C.H. Hammond, H. Hartmann, S. Headlee, S.W. Helburn, M.T. Hill, S. Himmelweit, B. Hopkins, S. Horrell, P. Hyman, J.P. Jacobsen, A. Jennings, E. Katz, M.C. King, D.E. Kiss, J. Lapidus, L. Laurence, M. Lewis, L.E. Lucas, M. MacDonald, L.M. Manning, J. Matthaei, A. Mayhew, E. McCrate, K. McGoldrick, J.R. McKinney, M. Meurs, E. Mutari, J.A. Nelson, P.J. Nickless, J.C. Olmsted, J. Peterson, M. Power, J.L. Pyle, J.M. Rives, L. Robertson, J.A. Seiz, J. Shackelford, R. Sharp, L.B. Shaw, K. Sosin, D. Strassmann, G. Summerfield, M. Swaminathan, J.M. Tanski, S.K. Taylor, C. Tilly, J. Waldfogel, W. Waller, B. Walters, B. Woody, F. Woolley, B. Wyss, M. Young, E. Zein-Elabdin, L. Zepeda

Further information

The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics is the first comprehensive reference work introducing readers to the field of feminist economics. It includes 99 entries by 88 authors.

This authoritative volume includes timely entries addressing key concepts in feminist economics as well as feminist economic critiques and reconstructions of major economic theories and policy debates. The material is presented in an accessible manner and will be of interest to scholars and teachers from across the social sciences.

The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics will become an indispensable resource for scholars and teachers interested in exploring this emerging and evolving field of inquiry.

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