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Microeconomic Policy

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Microeconomic Policy

A New Perspective

Clem Tisdell , Keith Hartley

Clem Tisdell, Professor Emeritus, School of Economics, The University of Queensland, Australia and Keith Hartley, Emeritus Professor, Economics Department, University of York, UK

2008 480 pp Hardback 978 1 85278 556 7
2008 Paperback 978 1 85278 561 1
ebook isbn 978 1 84844 151 4

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The indispensable public policy textbook updated for today’s student.

‘A distinctive feature of this book is the application of microeconomics to public policy. As to be expected given the international reputation of the authors there is a thorough treatment of global environmental policies, including the Stern Report, and a very useful chapter on issues of defence, conflict and terrorism. What this text offers, and most competing books do not is the breadth of coverage. In this revised edition we have integration into the topics of advances in behavioural, evolutionary and Austrian economics. The relevance to business management and government policy of the material presented makes the subject come alive in application. . . a refreshing change from the curve-shifting that dominates traditional microeconomic texts which turns-off so many of our students and prevents them from seeing the crucial importance of economics to almost every aspect of our well-being.’
– John Lodewijks, University of Western Sydney, Australia


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This thoroughly accessible textbook shows students how microeconomic theory can be used and applied to major issues of public policy. In this way, it will improve their understanding of both microeconomic theory and policy and also develop their ability to critically assess them.

Clem Tisdell and Keith Hartley have expanded upon their previous successful work on microeconomics. As a result, this new book is considerably updated with substantial chapter revisions, as well as new chapters dealing with business management, ownership, environmental issues, public choice, defence, conflict and terrorism.

Promoting a thorough understanding of this complex yet fundamental topic, Microeconomic Policy: A New Perspective will undoubtedly prove an invaluable textbook for all students, academics and researchers of economics and public policy.

Full table of contents

Contents: Preface Preface to Earlier Book Part I: The Methodology of Microeconomic Policy 1. How Do Economists Approach Microeconomic Policy? 2. Why do Governments Need Microeconomic Polices? 3. Relevance to Business Management of Microeconomics and Microeconomic Policy Part II: Demand, Supply, Markets and Policy 4. Competitive Markets and Price Regulation 5. Consumers and Policy 6. Costs, Supply and Policy Part III: Imperfect Markets 7. The Behaviour of Firms 8. Monopoly: Consequences, Regulation and Prevention 9. Oligopoly and Policy-Making 10. Ownership of Enterprises: Public or Private? Part IV: Factor Markets and Policy 11. Labour Markets 12. Human Capital and Social Policy 13. Trade Unions Part V: Public Choice 14. Do Votes Determine Polices? A Public Choice Perspective on Policy 15. The Contract State Part VI: Global Applications 16. The State of the Environment and the Availability of Natural Resources 17. Defence, Disarmament and Conflict Index

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