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Policies, Institutions And The Dark Side Of Economics

Policies, Institutions And The Dark Side Of Economics

Vito Tanzi

Vito Tanzi, Honorary President, International Institute of Public Finance, US

2000 296 pp Hardback 978 1 85898 729 3

Hardback $155.00 on-line price $139.50


‘Policies, Institutions and the Dark Side of Economics is very readable, very informative, and very well-organized. It is a road map for the area around “the dark side of economics”. Tanzi’s book deals with remarkably fruitful ideas and demonstrates impressively the relevance of institutions and personal incentives.’
– Benno Torgler, Public Choice


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This authoritative volume brings together Vito Tanzi’s pioneering work on institutions and the influence of the behavior of government officials and economic agents on economic decision-making. It focuses on the ‘dark side’ of economics and the influence of institutions. Issues discussed include:

• public sector behavior and the efficiency of policy instruments
• corruption, rent seeking and governmental activities
• the underground economy and its impact on the economy
• tax evasion and the effect of globalization on tax systems
• money laundering and the international financial system
• fiscal deficits during the transition
• the dangers of fiscal decentralization
• determinants of income distribution.

Full table of contents

Contents: Preface 1. Toward a Positive Theory of Public Sector Behavior: An Interpretation of Some Italian Contributions 2. The Changing Role of the State in the Economy: A Historical Perspective 3. Government Role and the Efficiency of Policy Instruments 4. Fundamental Determinants of Inequality and the Role of Government 5. Modernization, Ethics and Public Policy 6. Corruption, Governmental Activities and Markets 7. Corruption Around the World 8. Corruption and the Budget: Problems and Solutions 9. Corruption, Public Investment and Growth 10. A Primer on Tax Evasion 11. Money Laundering and the International Financial System 12. The Underground Economy and the Unemployment Rate 13. International Dimensions of National Tax Policy 14. Fiscal Federalism and Decentralization: A Review of Some Efficiency and Macroeconomic Aspects 15. The Budget Deficit in Transition: A Cautionary Note Index

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