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Research Handbook On International Banking And Governance

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Research Handbook On International Banking And Governance

James R. Barth , Chen Lin , Clas Wihlborg

Edited by James R. Barth, Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance, Auburn University and Senior Finance Fellow, Milken Institute, US, Chen Lin, Professor of Finance, Department of Finance, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Clas Wihlborg, Fletcher Jones Chair of International Business, Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University, US

2012 768 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 293 2
2013 Paperback 978 1 78100 295 7
ebook isbn 978 1 84980 610 7

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The original contributions to this comprehensive Handbook – authored by renowned international scholars of finance, banking, law, policy, business and economics – reflect on the performance of financial institutions through the lens of governance. In-depth coverage is given to issues of ownership, efficiency and stability; compensation, performance and risk; market discipline; regulation and supervision; strategy and social responsibility; non-bank financial institutions as well as regional and country studies. Only through the kind of close examination presented in this volume can we hope to implement the financial reforms necessary and sufficient to reduce the likelihood and severity of future financial crises.

Contributors: E. Arbak, F. Arnaboldi, R. Ayadi, J.R. Barth, T. Berglund, A.W.A. Boot, D. Brash, B. Casu, Y. Chang, H. Choe, W.P. De Groen, J.K. Dietrich, W. Dolde, R. Galema, S. Gangopadhyay, C. Girardone, P.A. Gompers, Y. Gong, C.A.E. Goodhart, B.E. Gup, J. Hagendorff, I. Hasan, R.J. Herring, A.G.F. Hoepner, J. Houston, J. Itzkowitz, J.D. Knopf, S. Koibuchi, R.M. Lastra, B. Lee, R. Lensink, L. Li, C. Lin, Y. Ma, P. MacKay, M. Marinc, D.G. Mayes, R. Mersland, R. Mohan, P. Molyneux, A. Mullineux, A. Naranjo, A.A. Palvia, A.P. Prabha, H.L. Root, W. Sawangngoenyuang, S.K. Shanthi, C.-H. Shen, F.M. Song, L. Song, K.R. Spong, T. Subhanij, R.J. Sullivan, F. Vallascas, P.J. Wallison, I. Walter, L.J. White, C. Wihlborg, T.D. Willett, J.O.S. Wilson, Y. Xuan, Z. Zhou

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The recent financial crisis has stimulated much debate on the governance of financial institutions, as well as research on the effects of governance arrangements on risk-taking, performance and financial institutions more generally. Furthermore, researchers are asking how regulation, legislation, politics and other factors influence the governance of financial institutions and their behavior in different dimensions. The specially commissioned contributions featured in this timely Handbook confront these complex issues.

The contributors – top international scholars from finance, law and business – explore the role of governance, both internal and external, in explaining risk-taking and other aspects of the behavior of financial institutions. Additionally, they discuss market and policy features affecting objectives and quality of governance. The chapters provide in-depth analysis of factors such as: ownership, efficiency and stability; market discipline; compensation and performance; social responsibility; and governance in non-bank financial institutions. Only through this kind of rigorous examination can one hope to implement the financial reforms necessary and sufficient to reduce the likelihood and severity of future crises.

Bringing the reader to the frontier of research on governance of financial institutions, this volume is sure to inspire future research in scholars and students of financial institutions, governance and banking. Practitioners in financial institutions and public regulatory and supervisory authorities will also find much of value and insight in this book.

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Foreword 1
by Franklin Allen

Foreword 2
by Harald Benink

Foreword 3
by Gerard Caprio and Ross Levine

Introduction and Overview
James R. Barth, Chen Lin and Clas Wihlborg

1. Bank Governance: Concepts and Measurements
Frank M. Song and Li Li

2. Bank Ownership and Performance: A Global Perspective
Iftekhar Hasan and Liang Song

3. Is There a Conflict between Competition and Financial Stability?
Barbara Casu, Claudia Girardone and Philip Molyneux

4. What Drives Bank Operating Efficiency? The Role of Bank Competition and Credit Information Sharing
Chen Lin, Yue Ma and Frank M. Song

5. Corporate Borrower Nationality and Global Presence: Cross-Country Evidence on the Pricing of Syndicated Bank Loans
Joel Houston, Jennifer Itzkowitz and Andy Naranjo

6. Lessons Learned from Recent Financial Crises
Benton E. Gup

7. Bank Ownership and Risk Taking: Improving Corporate Governance in Banking after the Crisis
Kenneth R. Spong and Richard J. Sullivan

8. Executive Compensation and Risk-taking in European Banking
Rym Ayadi, Emrah Arbak and Willem Pieter De Groen

9. CEO Pay and Risk-taking in Banking: The Roles of Bonus Plans and Deferred Compensation in Curbing Bank Risk-taking
Jens Hagendorff and Francesco Vallascas

10. Bank Failures and CEO Compensation
Walter Dolde and John D. Knopf

11. Restricting Risk-taking by Financial Intermediaries through Executive Compensation
Tom Berglund

12. The Lost Cause: The Failure of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
Peter J. Wallison

13. Market Discipline for Financial Institutions and Markets for Information
Apanard P. Prabha, Clas Wihlborg and Thomas D. Willett

14. Moral Hazard, Bank Resolution and the Protection of Depositors
David G. Mayes

15. The Governance of ‘Too Big to Fail’ Banks
Andy Mullineux

16. Incentives to Improve the Corporate Governance of Risk in Financial Institutions
Richard J. Herring

17. The Boundary Problems in Financial Regulation
Charles A.E. Goodhart and Rosa M. Lastra

18. Financial Architecture, Prudential Regulation and Organizational Structure
Ingo Walter

19. Corporate Governance and Prudential Regulation of Banks: Is There Any Connection?
Lawrence J. White

20. The Policy Conundrum of Financial Market Complexity
Hilton L. Root

21. The Future of Financial Regulation: Reflections from an Emerging Market Perspective
Rakesh Mohan

22. Financial Innovations, Marketability and Stability in Banking
Arnoud W.A. Boot and Matej Marinc

23. Bank Acquisitions and Strategy since the GLB Act
J. Kimball Dietrich

24. Social, Environmental, Ethical and Trust (SEET) Issues in Banking: An Overview
Andreas G.F. Hoepner and John O.S. Wilson

25. Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Performance and Selection Bias: Evidence from Taiwan’s TWSE-listed Banks
Chung-Hua Shen and Yuan Chang

26. Management Turnover, Regulatory Oversight and Performance: Evidence from Community Banks
Ajay A. Palvia

27. Redeemability as Governance: A Study of Closed-end and Open-end Funds under Common Management
Peter MacKay

28. The Role of Venture Capitalists in the Acquisition of Private Companies
Paul A. Gompers and Yuhai Xuan

29. Governance and Microfinance Institutions
Rients Galema, Robert Lensink and Roy Mersland

30. Bank Governance: The Case of New Zealand
Don Brash

31. Corporate Governance in European Banking
Francesca Arnaboldi and Barbara Casu

32. Debt Forgiveness during Japan’s Lost Decade
Satoshi Koibuchi

33. Corporate Governance of Banks in Korea
Heungsik Choe and Byungyoon Lee

34. Banking Regulatory Governance in China: A Legal Perspective
Yufeng Gong and Zhongfei Zhou

35. Corporate Governance and Bank Performance in Thailand
Tientip Subhanij and Wanvimol Sawangngoenyuang

36. Governance Issues in Indian Microfinance
Shubhashis Gangopadhyay and S.K. Shanthi


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