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Pioneers Of European Integration

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Pioneers Of European Integration

Citizenship and Mobility in the EU

Ettore Recchi , Adrian Favell

Edited by Ettore Recchi, Professor of Sociology, Sciences Po, Paris, France and Adrian Favell, Centre d'études européennes de Sciences Po, France

2009 320 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 659 5

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‘Free movement has become a defining feature of European society. This important study answers the question “who are these free movers?” Using both quantitative and qualitative research evidence, it brings new perspectives to the sociology of European migration and integration,
broadening the analysis from traditional labour migrants to various new kinds of spatial and social mobility in the continent.’
– Russell King, University of Sussex and Sussex Centre for Migration Research, UK

Contributors: A. Alaminos, M.C. Albert, C. Arsene, E. Baldoni, M. Braun, A. Favell, A. Muxel, T.M. Nebe, E. Recchi, N. Rother, O. Santacreu, D. Tambini

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The free movement of EU citizens is the most visible sociological consequence of the remarkable process of European integration that has transformed the continent since the Second World War. Pioneers of European Integration offers the first systematic analysis of the small but symbolically potent number of Europeans who have chosen to live and work as foreigners in another member state of the EU.

Based on an original survey of 5000 people moving to and from the EU’s five largest countries, the book documents the demographic profile, migration choices, cultural adaptation, social mobility, political participation and media use of these pioneers of a transnational Europe, as well as opening a window to the new waves of intra-EU East–West migrations.

Students and scholars of sociology, political science, human geography, anthropology, migration studies and European studies will all warmly welcome the volume. Civil servants and policymakers will also find this book an essential tool in coming to terms with the implications of EU citizenship and the transformative effects of this unprecedented European integration ‘from below’.

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1. Pioneers of European Integration: An Introduction
Adrian Favell and Ettore Recchi

2. The Demographics of Movers and Stayers in the European Union
Michael Braun and Camelia Arsene

3. Deciding to Move: Migration Projects in an Integrating Europe
Oscar Santacreu, Emiliana Baldoni and María Carmen Albert

4. The Social Mobility of Mobile Europeans
Ettore Recchi

5. Living Across Cultures in a Transnational Europe
Antonio Alaminos and Oscar Santacreu

6. More Mobile, More European? Free Movement and EU Identity
Nina Rother and Tina M. Nebe

7. EU Movers and Politics: Towards a Fully-Fledged European Citizenship?
Anne Muxel

8. A Common Information Space? The Media Use of EU Movers
Damian Tambini and Nina Rother

9. Internal and External Movers: East–West Migration and the Impact of EU Enlargement
Adrian Favell and Tina M. Nebe


Appendix A. Methodological Notes
Michael Braun and Oscar Santacreu

Appendix B. EIMSS Questionnaire

Appendix C. External Movers’ Experiences of Migration and Integration into the EU15: Interview Guideline


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