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Economic Integration And Multinational Investment Behaviour

Economic Integration And Multinational Investment Behaviour

European and East Asian Experiences

Pierre-Bruno Ruffini

Edited by Pierre-Bruno Ruffini, Professor of Economics, University of Le Havre, France

2004 480 pp Hardback 978 1 84376 652 0

Hardback £118.00 on-line price £106.20


Series: New Horizons in International Business series

‘The book presents a variety of interesting topics regarding aspects of foreign direct investment and firm behaviour. It thus will serve well as a companion text for an introductory course in industrial location.’
– Renee Will, The Economic Journal

Contributors: N. Aminian, J. Dias, J.M. Dowling, J.P. Filipe, M.P. Fontoura, C.-M. Hsu, C. Jensen, J.-K. Kim, F. Kimura, K. Kiyota, J.-H. Ko, M. Kuncoro, Y.- i. Lee, G. Lefebvre, J.D. Lim, W.-C. Liu, B. Madeuf, T. Mayer, J.-L. Muchielli, F. Nicolas, Y.-i. Park, E. Pfister, F. Puech, P.-B. Ruffini, P. Saucier, Y. Sazanami, D.-C. Suh, T. Van Hoa, S. Yoshimura

Further information

This book presents important and original studies of international trade and investment in relation to regional economic integration, with particular reference to the experiences of Europe and East Asia. The distinguished contributors illustrate and explain how the location decisions of firms, international trade and capital flows can form, stimulate and shape economic regions in the global economy.

The authors address several important themes including:

• the factors which determine the location choices of multinational firms
• location decisions of multinational firms in relation to their global performance
• the growing importance of East Asia as a recipient zone for foreign direct investment
• the impact of foreign direct investment on Asian host countries
• the role of trade and investment in regional economic integration.

Economic Integration and Multinational Investment Behaviour will be welcomed by researchers with an interest in economic geography, international economics and business, European and East Asian studies, and globalization.

Full table of contents

Contents: Preface Part I: Location Decisions and the Global Performance of Firms Part II: Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development of Recipient Countries Part III: International Trade and Investment in Regional Economic Integration Index

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