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New Frontiers In The Economics Of Innovation And New Technology

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New Frontiers In The Economics Of Innovation And New Technology

Essays in Honour of Paul A. David

Cristiano Antonelli , Dominique Foray , Bronwyn H. Hall , W. Edward Steinmueller

Edited by Cristiano Antonelli, Professor of Economics, University of Turin and Fellow, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri, Italy, Dominique Foray, Professor and Director of the Chair in Economics and Management of Innovation (CEMI), College of Management of Technology (CDM), Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, Bronwyn H. Hall, Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, US, Professor of Technology and the Economy, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, US and the Institute of Fiscal Studies, London, UK and W. Edward Steinmueller, Professor of Information and Communication Technology Policy, SPRU – Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex, UK

2006 496 pp Hardback 978 1 84376 631 5
2007 Paperback 978 1 84720 323 6
ebook isbn 978 1 84542 792 4

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‘This Festschrift explores the truly exceptional breadth and depth of Paul David’s work, focusing upon his contributions to the topics of path dependence, the economics of knowledge, and the diffusion of technology. The book consists of 15 papers plus an introduction by the editors and an entertaining postscript by Dominique Foray. . . For economic historians, the papers on path dependence assembled in this book, and particularly the conceptual paper by Antonelli, should be essential reading.’
– Nikolaus Wolf, Economic History Review

Contributors: A. Amin, C. Antonelli, A. Arora, A.P. Bassanini, S. Brusoni, L.M.B. Cabral, J. Cantwell, P. Cohendet, R. Cowan, G. Dosi, D. Foray, A. Fosfuri, A. Gambardella, A. Geuna, B.H. Hall, L. Hilaire Perez, J. Mairesse, F. Malerba, L. Orsenigo, W.E. Steinmueller, P. Stoneman, G.M.P. Swann, O. Toivanen, M. Trajtenberg, L. Turner

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Recent research on the economics of innovation has acknowledged the importance of path dependence and networks in the evolution of economies and the diffusion of new techniques, products, and processes. These are topics pioneered by Paul A. David, one of the world’s leading scholars in the economics of innovation.

This outstanding collection provides a fitting tribute to the diversity and depth of Paul David’s contributions. The papers included range from simulation models of the evolution of market structure in the presence of innovation, through historical investigations of knowledge networks and empirical analysis of contemporary networks, to the analysis of the diffusion of innovations using simulation and analytic models and of the diffusion of knowledge using patent data.

With an emphasis on simulation models, data analysis, and historical evidence, this book will be required reading for researchers in innovation economics and regional development as well as economists, sociologists, and historians of innovation and intellectual property.

Full table of contents

Part I: General Introduction
1. The Economics of Innovation between Anabasis and Katabasis
Cristiano Antonelli, Dominique Foray, Bronwyn H. Hall and W. Edward Steinmueller
Part II: Path Dependence in Technical Change
2. Competing Technologies, Technological Monopolies and the Rate of Convergence to a Stable Market Structure
Andrea P. Bassanini and Giovanni Dosi
3. Path Dependence, Localised Technological Change and the Quest for Dynamic Efficiency
Cristiano Antonelli
4. A History-Friendly Model of Innovation, Market Structure and Regulation in the Age of Random Screening of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Franco Malerba and Luigi Orsenigo
5. Path Dependence and Diversification in Corporate Technological Histories
John Cantwell
6. Is the World Flat or Round? Mapping Changes in the Taste for Art
G.M. Peter Swann
7. Waves and Cycles: Explorations in the Pure Theory of Price for Fine Art
Robin Cowan
Part III: The Economics of Knowledge
8. Learning in the Knowledge-based Economy: The Future as Viewed from the Past
W. Edward Steinmueller
9. The Economics of Open Technology: Collective Organisation and Individual Claims in the ‘Fabrique Lyonnaise’ During the Old Regime
Dominique Foray and Liliane Hilaire Perez
10. Measurement and Explanation of the Intensity of Co-publication in Scientific Research: An Analysis at the Laboratory Level
Jacques Mairesse and Laure Turner
11. Epistemic Communities and Communities of Practices in the Knowledge-based Firm
Patrick Cohendet and Ash Amin
12. Markets for Technology: ‘Panda’s Thumbs’, ‘Calypso Policies’ and Other Institutional Considerations
Ashish Arora, Andrea Fosfuri and Alfonso Gambardella
13. The Key Characteristics of Sectoral Knowledge Bases: An International Comparison
Stefano Brusoni and Aldo Geuna
Part IV: The Diffusion of New Technologies
14. Uncovering General Purpose Technologies with Patent Data
Bronwyn H. Hall and Manuel Trajtenberg
15. Equilibrium, Epidemic and Catastrophe: Diffusion of Innovations with Network Effects
Luís M.B. Cabral
16. Technological Diffusion under Uncertainty: A Real Options Model Applied to the Comparative International Diffusion of Robot Technology
Peter Stoneman and Otto Toivanen
Part V: Postscript
17. An Appreciation of Paul David’s Work
Dominique Foray

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