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The Impact Of The WTO

The Impact Of The WTO

The Environment, Public Health and Sovereignty

Trish Kelly

Trish Kelly, Data and Research Manager, Office of Federal Programs, Tennessee Department of Education, US

2007 232 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 081 5
2009 Paperback 978 1 84844 570 3

Hardback £78.00 on-line price £70.20

Paperback £32.00 on-line price £25.60


‘The Impact of the WTO is essential to any discussion involving the group and is highly recommended to economics and political science library collections.’
– Midwest Book Review


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This volume is the first to provide a comprehensive analysis of the nine environmental and health disputes that have been adjudicated at the WTO since 1995. The investigation concludes that criticism of the WTO has been overstated and, surprisingly, nations do in fact retain sovereignty over environmental and health policy. The disputes explored suggest that the WTO has been able to balance trade, environmental and health objectives. The discussion illuminates the strengths and weaknesses of the dispute resolution process and closes with suggestions for improving it.

The Impact of the WTO will appeal not only to academics, be they economists, lawyers, political scientists, and academic libraries, but also practitioners, policymakers, and members of consumer, environmental, and business organizations who follow the debates surrounding the WTO’s influence on environmental and health regulations.

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Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Gasoline 3. Shrimp–turtle 4. Hormones 5. Asbestos 6. Salmon, Apples and Agricultural Products 7. Generic Drugs 8. GMOs 9. Conclusion Index

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